Monday, October 10, 2016

This week, the sketch comes from one of the most important, prestigious universities in the U.S., that is, MIT.  Although there are great deal of buildings which I would like to sketch -of course, the Stata Center and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy by Frank Gehry, the Kresge Auditorium by Eero Saarinen or Simmons Hall by Steven Holl (don’t worry, these are on the way),  I preferred drawing the main entrance of the university where many individuals try to take a photo, or, rather, selfies! At any rate, the fact that I want to point out is -actually, trying to figure it out- is a new green place which is next to the bus stop. The university demolished one of their dormitories- I guess- and now nothing remains except what appears to be a steel sculpture.  I think that they have a promising plan for this place. Before leaving, thank you,  MIT,  and all the other universities located in Boston and raising Boston rents! Students are truly very happy to pay an arm and a leg in rent!

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