Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another icon of the city is certainly Grand Central Terminal, which figures prominently in numerous films. In fact, now, social media is replete with people’s selfies and this building. Over 20 million people pass through there each year, but to me this is unsurprising as where I come from -Istanbul-  is over 25 million people. Moreover, this number is increasing, unfortunately, rather than decreasing. However, this building was built in 1915. Before this date, there was an enormous train crash and, then, people decided to rebuild it. The old was almost 6 floors, but the new design as you can see from the sketch is a giant space. Moreover, I have never had a chance to use the terminal as you know the prices of tickets. In consideration of being a student, it is appropriate to take the bus, thanks to enterprising Chinese people. I am still alive, by the way.  

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