Monday, March 27, 2017

I felt as if I were a plane! -What security! I just wanted to see the Statue of Liberty! As there are a great deal of security issues in the U.S, people who take care of the country pay attention to everything, researching and scrutinizing everyone. They are right so far! After passing tight security, I ultimately arrived at Liberty Island. I would say that the cityscape was great and it was worth shooting, actually, and I did. I subscribed to the children’s tale that the statue had been intended for what was then Turkey. I assumed that the statue was made genuinely for Ottomans and yet, at that time, some problems came about and it never arrived in Turkey. I needed to check my history notes to remember. The sketch was of the island with the city in the backdrop

Monday, March 20, 2017

This semester, I often needed to pass long hours in libraries as  a large quantity of readings from the contemporary architecture class ruined my daily life. Of course, it is hard to read and understand academic papers in English when your mother language is another. I need to say that I had tough times with these readings. Usually, I, therefore, go to the Boston Public Library and yet, at times, my school’s own library is my preference. We are fortunate as the college is located on Newbury Street, having a great street view. When I am bored of reading, my escape is sketching. This sketch is from there, overlooking the Back Bay and the Prudential.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

While taking a class at the BAC (Community Practice),I learned a plethora of information on East Boston as our focus was in that zone. Most importantly, the issue which East Boston will seriously face, at the time, is extremely challenging after some floods -that is, the sea level is rising. This problem will be destructive as I have been informed. I think that the city council is in very serious discussion of this case due to the fact that many people’s lives are at risk. The sketch was from East Boston looking at Boston. Sketching, I thought upon the people who will not have the opportunity to see the cityscape as there will be no land in 50 years.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Should you want to see too many people, literally, in every hour of the day, you should go to the city and walk around Times Square. The energy of the streets is indescribable and everyone took pictures of neon signs and the electronic displays. This is the way the world works, perhaps. Despite everything, experiencing this atmosphere gives a new perspective to reveal how New Yorkers hate crowds. Instead of mingling in this crowd, I sketched in the middle of Time square. This fast sketch was from there. In the meantime, I found a place to sit on the red chairs -luckily.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Boston has a great deal of restaurants. Especially, in the North End, there is an abundance of Italian restaurants. The dishes are truly mouthwatering, indisputably. Perhaps, many individuals and tourists do not know that the oldest building in Boston is in the North End, that is, the Paul Revere House. It was built about 1680. Although it saw many fires, it still stands. It is definitely worth seeing! North Square Park -where the building is- also offers many buildings to understand Boston’s old and traditional architectural features. The sketch was done in the middle of the park looking through the building, of course, after eating delicious food.