Monday, August 14, 2017

First, he gives his middle finger to critics, and, secondly, told them, "So let me tell you guys. In the world we live in, 98 percent of the buildings that are built are pure shit, there is no sense of design, respect for humanity, for judgement for anything. Just dumb buildings. He is the Frank Gehry, one of the pioneers of parametricism. Of course, he is definitely right against those who ridicule his design. Embellishing and creating new thinking ways can lend itself to uniqueness and perfection, which, in turn, lend themselves to being certainly disparate and successful, in lieu of merely emulating those who came before. He is bold as he did not repeat what others have done. Although my first studio professor at the BAC was from MIT and said that some parts of his buildings are useless, I genuinely admire them. This sketch was from MIT, and is one of Boston’s icons.

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