Monday, March 12, 2018

OMG, finals are coming… I should hurry to catch up with everyone. Shit, I have a list to go through for the final review. This is getting crazy. I am not gonna be able to get these assignments out in just a few weeks. Unlike everyone in this college, I do not work -but I should. So, what I am gonna do is TRY my best! Toiling many nights, I gotta get an A -this is what nerds think! HAHA, no dude, I just want to put my works into my portfolio, of which I proud, and reflect on my design ability. Hold on, I am getting emails from TAs who think that they know everything better than everyone. Time for a reality check. Whoops, my poor computer would like to sleep, with your permission. NO, it is not going to happen. I need to finish everything before the review -scaled plans, sections, elevations and exterior-interior perspectives. Add details, please! I do not even know what my concept is -sure I know. Oh, no, the due date is looming. I have to pull some stuff out of my ass to fill my pin-up board, which nobody reads or cares about. There is no time, but I should see my tutor, too, to edit my writings, even this writing is edited - no shame I am an international student- and prepare my talk for review. The day has come. I am ready to present, but not to see unscaled projets and blank walls, I am sorry. For the BAC, which is a great architectural college without private draft tables for students or a studio culture (Come on! Twice a week for a total of 3 hours is not enough!)  I think that working and having experience is definitely important in the architectural field, BUT it is more important to internalize your projects and to reflect on your thoughts in your design. However, creativity can not be taught, but, at least, the way to it can be shown. They do pretty good, though, but not students -I try to do, BTW. I do not criticize, my friend, I just say what I have felt so far in this adventure. So tell me, my friend, what are up to and what are you doing?

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