Sunday, June 10, 2018

Life is a long series of movies. The beauty of these movies is that you can select the people with whom you want to be and watch the whole scenario that makes you live. You’ll watch a lot of movies. Some of them, not many, are happy-go-lucky American movies, other, more common, are dramatic, unfortunately. But, the theatre has limited spaces. You can not fit everyone into the theater. You have to select them to share your popcorn, right?  However, these people could be your friends, besties, dudes, brothers and sisters, and pathetic outsiders. Of course, sometimes, you can fall for impersonal people. But, you can spot them with the usher’s light at the beginning of the movies or during intermission. This is my Cape Cod break, where I saw the light to remove people whom I should not want to be with, even if they do not want be deleted. Sorry, babe, there are no reruns. This was a picture. Later, I sketched it. This is from an airport located on Cape Cod, which really I do not remember, neither the name of the airport nor the people.

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